Best Things to Do On Cuba!

Best Things to Do On Cuba

You could probably look in a hundred other places and find lists about the best things to do on Cuba, but since you’re here looking at mine, allow me to share a few things with you. I probably wouldn’t even have made a list like this, but my best friend Chris came to visit me here on the island while on a holiday from his job, and I showed him around the place where I live, so many of the exciting places and fun things to do are still fresh in my mind. That’s fortunate, all right. So, let me get to it then.

Our National Theater, or Teatro Nacional, is a place where many great Cuban performers gather to put on various types of shows. There are actually several different venues situated around Linea Avenue, but the Theater is one of the largest stages available in this country, and the place to visit if you want to see the best dancers, singers and similar stage performers available in Cuba. There is a ballet festival in Havana that comes around once a year, but the timing just wasn’t right for us to make it. Instead we saw some troupe I’ve never heard of before, and the show was decent.

As a photographer, I’m always looking for interesting pictures and photo opportunities. That constant searching has led me to find some of the most beautiful bays and idyllic environments all over Cuba. Varadero is probably the hottest tourist spot on the island, but it’s the beaches nearby that make the area stick out in my mind. There are literally thousands of miles of coastline to explore, and even during the busiest tourist season of the year, there are still many quiet, near-abandoned stretches ofbeach outside Varadero. The picture opportunities are almost endless.

Sometimes, the things you see here in Cuba end up going back home with you, as Chris learned when we hit up one of the many street vendors selling food all over the country. It wasn’t the coconut pie, though we do have some great coconut pie here in Cuba. No, Chris was actually a huge fan of the Yuca, which is a cassava root. They make it many different ways here, but deep fried is delicious, and it was so good that Chris decided to start growing some of his own in his homemade indoor LED grow lights farm. He’s quite the gardener.

Besides food and scenery, Cuba also has some amazing architecture if you’re one of those people who like looking at the unique shapes of buildings. Vedado comes to mind because it contains some of the oldest mansions on the island, as well as more modern fare, and everything in between. Habana Vieja looks like something right out of the Colonial days too, and you can just see the history etched into some of the buildings there. The weather here is perfect for walks or bike rides, and there are many interesting things to see.

Speaking of interesting sights, Interactivo is one of the most popular jazz groups here in Cuba, and they regularly show out shows. They can really fill seats, which is kind of ironic since the music they play makes you want to get up and wiggle around. They are another major attraction in Vedado, where you can usually see them performing at least once a week, though they do other shows in other locations sometimes. Call and check with the Berto Brecht theater to see the next time Interactivo is going to show up if you want to make seeing them a part of your trip to Cuba.


Best Nightclubs in Havana

Best Nightclubs in Havana

The nightlife is something Cubans enjoy, perhaps a bit too much. It’s no secret that the weather finally cools down a bit once the sun is out of the sky, and no wonder why everyone comes out to enjoy themselves once the environment is a little more comfortable. One of my favorite things to do is going clubbing, mostly for the live local music as well as pictures if I happen to be attending some event that makes it worthwhile to bring my camera along. These are some of my favorite spots and best nightclubs in Havana, at least in my opinion.

Fans of big band music and outdoor venues will probably like La Cecilia. It’s one of the larger clubs I’ve been to, but the live big bands and massive dances really complement each other – it’s music that makes you want to move and no shortage of people to move with. The cover charge tends to be around $20 a head, but you can negate that if you just buy some drinks instead. A round of shots for some friends or a nice tumbler just for you, and you’ll be all loosened up and ready to dance in no time.

The Havana Caffe has a real local atmosphere. It’s filled with pictures of public figures from back in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and the furniture, decorations and other elements give the club a look and feel like something from almost 70 years ago. You’ll see famous singers and dancers, boxers and fighters, popular records and other bits and pieces of a far gone history. I’ve seen places like The Havana Caffe in the United States, like malt shops that look like something from the movies after World War 2. This isn’t my favorite nightclub in Havana, but it’s definitely close.

My favorite club would have to be Tropicana, in Marianao. It’s just like the big clubs from Las Vegas, with hundreds of performers working different stages at the same time. That means multiple shows are going at any given time at the Tropicana, so it’s great if you like to take in a wide variety of events simultaneously. There are acrobats jumping through rings of fire, a live orchestra, and lots of interesting content. The Tropicana is also the usual place that great international entertainers use when performing here in Cuba, so the best shows by foreign comics and other personalities are there.

For those who don’t want to dance, there’s a good club for you as well. El Delirio Habanero is a cozy club which is better for a romantic night with another, rather than going out to dance and get drunk with friends. The club features a piano lounge with live players, and it is a popular spot with locals as well as foreigners who are visiting Havana and looking for something laid back after traveling for hours to get here. El Delirio Habanero is right on top of the National Theater too, which puts you in a major Cuban cultural center. It’s just a good spot to visit.